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ISPL T10 season 1 has been successfully completed on 15th March. The first season started from March 6 and continued till March 15 in which total 6 teams participated and 18 matches were played.

Indian Street Premier League T10 is the first successful tennis ball tournament in a very short time. Seeing its success, registration for ISPL T10 season 2 has also been started. The final of Ispl T10 was played on March 15. People want to know which team won the first ISPL T10 and which team lost. From here you can see complete match analysis and list of which team lost and which team won

ISPL T10 Winner List




Prize Money

Tiigers Of Kolkta

Majhi Mumbai


10 million INR


ISPL T10 Final Match Preview

Majhi Mumbai Performance in Final

In the final of ISPL T10 season 1, Majhi Mumbai scored 58 while batting first. Majhi Mumbai went up to 128, 139, 148 throughout the tournament but none of the players could bat well in the final. Only one batsman reached the score of 13 in the final from Majhi Mumbai team Vijay Pawle scored these scores.

Majhi Mumbai's biggest hopes were on Yogesh Penkar, Abhishek Dalhor, but these two players fell to 3 and 1 respectively in the final.

While the Mumbai team bowlers also did not show any special performance and the opposing team scored 62 for a wicket.

Tiigers of Kolkata Performance in Final

On the other hand, Munna Shaikh and Prathmesh Pawar came in to bat for Tiigers of Kolkata to meet the target of 59. Both these batsmen won the match by showing excellent performance. Tigers of Kolkata completed the target of Majhi Mumbai in the first 7.4 overs. In the ISPL T10 final, Munna Shaikh scored 34 off 26 balls while Prathmesh Pawar scored 30 off 20 balls to make his team successful.

All the bowlers on behalf of the Tiigers of Kolkata team also bowled brilliantly in which first 2 wickets by Babu Rana, then by Fardeen Kazi and Raju Makhia took Majhi Mumbai out for the minimum score.

Thus the first team to become champion in ISPL T10 is tigers of Kolkata. And the first runner up team of ISPL T10 is Majhi Mumbai. In ISPL T10 season 1, the winning team was awarded INR 1 crore while the runner-up was awarded INR 5 million.


Who won the first Ispl T10?

Tiigers of Kolkata team win first ISPL T10 season 1

Who was runner up in ISPL T10 season 1?

Majhi Mumbai was runner up in ISPL T10

What was the prize money in ISPL T10 season 1?

The prize money in the first season was INR 1 crore

How much was the prize money for the loser in the Indian Street Premier League?

The prize money for the loser was 50 lakh Indian rupees.

How many scores was scored by the first winning team in ISPL T10?

Tigers of Kolkata scored 72 against a target of 59 to win the first final

How many total teams were there in the first season of ISPL T10?

The first season of ISPL had 6 teams.

Total how many players were selected in ISPL 2024?

Total 96 players were selected in ISPL T10 season 1

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