How to modify your city for trials in ISPL-T10

Earlier, the last date for Indian Street Premier League T10 2024 registration was December 20. Still, seeing the trend of people and huge registration, the registration date of the Ispl t10 24 league has been extended from December 20 to January 14.

The first season of the Indian Street Premier League will start in a few days. The player registration and team registration date has been extended to 14th January. If you haven't registered yourself in ISPL T10 yet, do it now. You can go and get registered because the trial will start after January 15.

In Indian Premier League you can also give one or more city trials. But for trial in more than two cities, a separate fee of Rs 999 will have to be deposited.

To register yourself, visit and register. The date of the Indian Street Premier League has been pushed forward due to the increasing number of players and the sheer mystery of people.

If you have already registered and created an account, below is the procedure to give Indian Premier League trials in cities of your choice.

Step-1 Login

First, enter your email address and password and click on the login button. This way your registered account will be logged into the official account.

Step-2 City trial

Second is the city modify option from here you can select two cities of your choice. After selecting two cities press the submit button and move to the next step.

Step 3 City selection check

In the third step here your cities will be verified if there are two cities then you will be able to register. Because here you cannot use more than two city options at a time.

Step 4 City modification confirmation

If you have selected only two cities, then from here your procedure will be completed and the screen will show the city trial update successfully.

These four ways you can stay informed about your trial are explained here in straightforward terms.

Registered players have options for modifying their city trial selection as well

17 cities are selected for trials

You can see the list of modified cities of registered players from here. Players from these cities can also choose a city for their trial.

1 Ahmedabad

2 Raigad

3 Palghar

4 Delhi

5 Ratnagiri

6 Raipur

7 Kolkata

8 Srinagar

9 Mumbai

10 Indore

11 Bhopal

12 Jaipur

13 Chennai

14 Hyderabad

15 Bengaluru

16 Nashik

17 Pune

All six teams of the Indian Street Premiere are owned by Bollywood Telugu and South Indian movie stars.

The owner of the Srinagar team is the Bollywood superstar Mr. Akshay Kumar. All the rights of the Srinagar team will be with Akshay Kumar.

Bengaluru team owner in Indian Street Premier League T10 is Bollywood hero Hrithik Roshan, he has bought this team in Indian Street Premier League.

Hyderabad team owner in ISPL T10 is Ram Charan

Amitabh Bachchan has bought the Mumbai team in Indian Street Premier League and he will be its owner.

Chennai Tamil Nadu team owner is Telugu film star Suriya, The Chennai team in the Indian Street Premier League has been bought by Suriya.

Kolkata West Bengal's owner in ISPL T10 will be Bollywood superstar Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor.

How much ISPL T10 prize money?

ISPL T10 prize money will be 1 Crore Indian Rupees

 How many teams are in ISPLT10?

There are 6 teams in ISPL T10 2024.



  1. Alka asked to give 50% ticket to huge gathering of women Congress workers.

  2. Alka asked to give 50% ticket to huge gathering of women Congress workers.