ISPL T10 auction 25 February 2024| Players price in ISPLT10

As soon as any cricket football or any sports league starts, some kind of manifesto is mandatory. BCCI's Under Indian Street Premier League T10 has been formally announced by India. The main purpose of which is to bring out maximum number of players in a short time for the India team.

In Indian Street Premier League 10, those players from India who cannot get access to international and national cricket due to lack of opportunity due to any reason are to bring them forward. In simple words, we can say that it is to give the players playing in the streets a chance to play in the stadiums and bring out more talent in less time.

ISPL T10 Auction will be held on 25 February

ISPL T10 Auction 2024

ISPL T10 auction  25 February 2024/Players' salaries in ISPLT10

Indian Street Premier League T10 is also a franchise-based league like other leagues. But its unique thing is that this league is the first tennis ball league in the world which consists of ten overs.

Players drafting and auction of the ISPL T10 league will be held on 24 January 2024 in Mumbai.

Each team will be owned by a celebrity. 16 players will be included in each team. Team support will consist of 6 people. Including coaches and mentors. Just as every mentor takes money in IPL, PSL, and BBL, each mentor will take 1 million Indian rupees which is more than 35 lakhs in Pakistan rupees. And USD becomes 12000.

In the Indian Street Premier League T10, each team will have a limit of INR 1 crore to buy 16 players for their team.

In Indian Street Premier League T10, each player's starting bid i.e. base price will be 3 lakhs. Moreover, this amount is unlikely to be increased.

ISPL T10 player auction will be held in Mumbai on 24 February 2024. ISPL T10 league will be presided over by Indian head coach and former captain Ravi Shastri. While core committee member Ashish Shelar will be Amol Kale with Mumbai Cricket Association

All the team owners say that this league will increase the interest in cricket at the local level in India and we will get the best players for the Indian team in the coming times. The future of Cricket India will also be brilliant. So far all ISPL T10 teams have been bought by Bollywood, Tamil, and South Indian actors.

Teams in ISPLT10

  1. Chennai
  2. Kolkata
  3. Mumbai
  4. Bengaluru
  5. Hyderabad
  6. Sarinagar

These six teams will represent different cities in India. Like Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal, Telegana, Jammu and Kashmir

ISPL "Golden ticket"

Indian players who want to play ISPL T10 league can register themselves by January 14 by visiting after verification of their documents. The players who will be selected will be given a golden ticket for the trial

How to select players in Ispl t10?

Former India cricketers Pravin Amre and Jatin Paranjpe will select the players during the trial period. All the city wise selected players will be given "Green tickets" for the final trial Final trial will be held in Mumbai of Ispl t10.

Total 350 cricketers will be selected in ISPL T10 but. Only 96 players will be shortlisted for 6 teams during the trial.


Total number of players will be booked for trial in ISPL T10?

350 players will be called for trial in ISPL T10

How many people will be selected in final trial in ISPL?

96 players will be selected in this.

How many players will the squad of each team consist of?

Each team will select 16 players.

How much will the ISPL T10 player's base price and auction cost?

Each player will be bought for 3 lakhs

How many people will be in team management in ISPL?

ISPL team management will have 6 members

How much will be the ISPL coach pay?

In ISPL, coaches and heads will get Rs 10 lakh

When will be held ISPL T10 Auction?

ISPL T10 auction will be held on 25 Feb 2024.