How to buy or get ISPL family card?

There are two good news for the fans waiting for ISPL T10 2024. The first happiness is that now the Indian Street Premier League T10 auction will start. In which players will be bid for and players will be bought like Indian Premier League and Women's Premier League.

Another big news is for the selected players in Ispl t10, the players who have been given golden tickets will also be given the Ispl family card.

Before ISPL T10 family cards know its drafting method. Like other leagues, a list of all the players has also been made in this league. All team owners will be involved in drafting. Each player will be bid for and the highest bidder will buy that player and add him to their team. Each player's drafting prize will be up to INR 3 lakh. No team can buy more than that. Now people are also curious about which owner will bid the highest for the players. Which team is the best?

Will buy an expensive player. Who will be the most expensive players of ISPL T10 2024? And who will be the top 5 most expensive players in ISPL T10? We can find the answer to all this in drafting.

Before the ISPL T10 auction, we know about the ISPL T10 family card

How to get an ISPL family card?

ISPL family cards will not be given to all people, but it will be given only to those selected in ISPL T10 trails and golden tick holders. In simple words, we can say that Ispl family card can be redeemed only by golden ticket holders

Procedure to get ISPL family card

·         1: Open Ispl-t10-com official website

·         2: Log in to your player email I'd with your details

·         3: Update your current address

·         4: Wait for ISPL's officials to confirm your family card delivery

After you log in with all your information and enter your address, ISPL T10 officials will send Ispl family card to your address after necessary verification.

Benefits of ISPL family card

ISPL family card will be given to players who get golden ticket. The benefit of which will be countless. Just like players playing in IPL, PSL, WPL, and BPL get protocol, similarly players playing in Indian Street Premier League T10 will be given protocol through Ispl family card.

 You can see the benefits of ISPL family cards from here

1 Access to the Ispl family lounge at the stadium

In the Indian Street Premier League, only golden ticket holders will be given a family card, the first and biggest benefit of which is that their family will be allowed to sit in the family lounge during all matches of the Ispl t10, except for other World Cups, or leagues. A special guest is seated.

2 Membership Exempts Registration for next season's trials

Whoever gets a family card will be able to give a special trial for the next season of Ispl t10 and the selection of trials in the next season will be easy. It may also be that he does not have to give trials in the next season.

3 Free access for all ISPL products via this card

The biggest benefit for ISPL family card holders is that they will be able to get all ISPL products for free. Which will include sponsored items like their uniform, ISPL kit, ISPL jersey, and many other products.

4 Numerous ISPL benefits shared via ISPL family card

ISPL family cards will have many benefits which will be shared in due course. A player with a family card will be able to get special protocols.

5 Regular updates about ISPL T10 for all cardholders

 The fifth benefit of ISPL family card to the player is that he will be the first to be updated with all the news and activities of Ispl and all the news will be sent to the e-mails of the card holders.


Who can get ISPL family card?

ISPL family card golden ticket holders can get players

 Will the ISPL family card be free?

Yes. Ispl family card will be free for golden ticket holders

What are the benefits of the ISPL family card?

Ispl family cardholders will get free Ispl products free entry selection and full protocol for the next trials

What can people who have problems in Ispl family card login do?

Those who are facing difficulties in getting Ispl family card can file a complaint by sending a message to the official Ispl website from their email address.